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Shoop da whoop

2009-10-06 14:59:39 by AwkwardFish

Go... listen... review... vote... download :D

New musics

2009-05-20 21:52:49 by AwkwardFish

Word. I got some new tunes out yo, if you're interested swing by and check 'em out. Review/vote/download if you want, but check 'em out fo' sho.


2008-11-23 20:57:06 by AwkwardFish

Hi! I'm reasonably new to Newgrounds. Check out my songs. Not much else going on around here. PM me! Don't know why just do.

Hey there

2008-10-07 18:23:27 by AwkwardFish

Checkkk out mah MUZACKS!!!!11one

Jus playin. But fo real, check out my music homes

Oohhh, onry jokeeng Meeshter Maan, me Chineesh! Leeshen my music!

JK again. But really, do, they're pretty sicknasty.